Garden of Nations, Torrevieja

Hi , my name is Star and I have been lucky enough to call Gran Alacant my home for over 9 years now. My 7 year old daughter Ashlee and I are often “Out & About” enjoying the local attractions and culture in this part of Spain. Over the next few months I will be sharing some of our experiences with you to encourage you to go “Out & About” yourselves and maybe learn a little bit about this beautiful place we call home.

This month we wanted to share our adventures in the Garden of Nations, Torrevieja. Located approximately 35-40 mins away on the N332, this almost 40,000 square metre park is dedicated to the nations of Europe.

We took a walk around the gardens, which are peaceful and well maintained, with water features and plenty of places to sit in and out of the shade. We enjoyed looking at the many free-roaming ducks, hens, roosters and amazing peacocks, who often had their beautiful feathers on display.

Next we came across the large, approximately 6,000 square metre lake which has lots of ducks and swans and is in the shape of the European Continent. There are little bridges to walk over and a couple of small boats that you can rent to sail around the whole of Europe!!. If you are lucky you might also be able to spot some of the Koi or terrapins that call this place home. The girls really loved to see the whole Continent in one place!!!

At one end of the lake is the “Los Aljibes” exhibition rooms, where various art exhibitions are housed, sadly they were closed when we were there. As we got further around the lake, we saw some cute little ducklings. After looking at some sculptures, we were feeling hungry so a nice grassy spot was chosen, the blanket was spread and we ate our picnic whilst listening to the sounds of the birds.

The girls needed to burn off some energy, so the large park was our next stop. The giant dragon slide was a blast, all the play areas were climbed over and the swings were fun too. An entertainer created balloon swords and flowers and all the kids took great delight in using them to burst the giant bubbles he made. Beside the park was a large bouncy castle/slide and a place to get refreshments. We then jumped on the park train and went on a ride around the gardens. After some more bird spotting and a double tree hug, we headed home.

Why don´t you pack a picnic, jump in the car and see if you enjoy these gardens as much as we did!

Bye for now
Star and Ashlee xxx