We are well into the running season now with running clubs and local authorities arranging runs ranging from 5k to 42k. 

Brigitte and Claudia have entered the SuperHalfs Challenge, which requires them to run 5 half marathons 

(5 x 21k) in 36 months. The races are in Cardiff, Prague, Lisbon, Copenhagen and Valencia and after their last one they receive their SuperHalfs Medal. They recently competed in the Valencia 21k, but due to Covid this event does not count towards their SuperHalfs so they will run it again next year.

Brigitte & Claudia Valencia Half Marathon

Andy is pursuing his fitness programme with 2-3 sessions per week. 

Staffan visited in early November and was seen running with Claudia but now he is back in Sweden running in the cold. 

Claudia running with Staffan in GA

Jeanne also returned to Norway for a short time where she ran in cold wet conditions but is now back in GA and enjoying the warmer conditions. 

John and Graeme continue to run the Saturday Park Run (5k) with impressive times and John has just completed the End to End virtual challenge for Route 66 by running and walking 2278 miles this year. 

Jan is training hard in the UK as she prepares for her first Santa Pola 21k. Presently there are 6 of us entered for the Santa Pola 21k in January with training and preparation well under way. Come along on 23rd January to cheers us on. You will easily recognise us in our bright yellow Gran Alacant Runners tops (kindly sponsored by GA Homefinders). It is a great day in Santa Pola with large enthusiastic crowds supported by lots of music. 

No matter what your ability, if you are visiting the area and want to run with someone, please get in touch 

on 0044/ 7476851356