The geese, ducks, moorhens and Terrapins are happy. As mentioned in last month’s article the golf course has held up well during the unusually dry weather in the first quarter of the year but it has left the lakes and ponds which form the reservoirs for the watering system very low. Whilst not particularly welcome to holiday makers the prolonged rain over the last weekend in March now sees the water features as full as we have ever seen them which bodes well for the hot summer months ahead.

The golfers are happy too as the rain and gradually increasing heat from the sun has seen the dormant winter grass spring into life with lush fairways and an overall appealing green look to the course.

As expected our Society had a busy period in the middle of March coinciding with visitors to the area for St Patrick’s Day. The end of March and early April has seen a drop in numbers but with the Easter break imminent and a return of hot weather anticipated we foresee busy months ahead and we would be delighted any golfers out there who have not yet joined us to come along.

For more information please contact either Barry C (686180585) or Barry D (966183018).