Hi, I’m Jemma,
In the coming months I am going to share what I continue to learn from animals through my work as a volunteer at SAT www.satanimalrescue.com and at the Easy Horse Rescue Centre www.easyhorsecare.net.

Walking the dogs and grooming the horses this week, I am reminded of their remarkable ability to FORGIVE. So many of these animals (but thankfully not all )have had such painful and horrific experiences: thrown out of cars, left for days in abandoned casitas, dumped in the campo with their babies, battered and purposefully injured, locked in stables without food and water..so many awful things that it pains me to even write about.

But with nourishment, shelter, care and time the majority go on to forgive us humans, and to not only accept and later welcome but positively enjoy human contact again. My heart opens and is filled with continual awe and wonder when the horses come forth to me, and allow my touch, and for many surrender to it. I find it quite humbling. So I am reminded of the importance of forgiveness in my own life. The Buddhist philosophy is big on this, the ability to forgive, first ourselves and then others, those that have hurt or harmed us in any way, is central to their way of life. To hold on to bitterness and resentment, ultimately harms only ourselves, affects our internal balance and will prevent our minds from finding peace.

It is not easy, but when I groom the beautiful horses I am brought into a place that makes me really appreciate how special it is to be even allowed into the space of these gracious and magnificent beings, and when they invite me in … Wow!!!

Forgiveness does not mean that you think it okay, the action or harm that has been done to you, but that you begin a process of letting go your attachment to it, and the influence it still has and continues to have in your life. Somehow you begin to release it from your energy field, for some this can be immediate and for others it is a life times work, as it is for me….

A book that has helped me over the years is “The gentle art of Blessing” by Pierre Pradervand.


And to continue with Mindfulness, because as a Ruby says, we live in a frazzled world, walking the dogs this month I have more consciously watched how they just seem to live in the moment. Their attention is focused on one thing, mostly this month , I notice how they love to sniff and scrunt around the ground for bits and pieces of things to eat or smell. They mostly seem blissfully unaware of anything else at these times. When our own focus of attention is singularly on one thing the mind is focused and cannot start rambling, berating and going over and over things. It can find peace with the moment. So if I am really watching the dogs and paying attention to their sniffing and smelling (or whatever it is) my mind is stilled from this repetitive cycle and finds rest in this. With continued practice I know this brings more peace. And peace is what we so badly need in the world right now, and as the words of the song so rightly say…

Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me., Until next time,
Jemma x
Please get in touch with SAT or Easy Houre if you are interested in volunteering in any way.