Hi all, welcome to April, a time when we should all be enjoying springtime and new beginnings…new beginnings are definitely happening…we were just faced with what can only be described as the most surreal event of our lifetimes and we can only hope it doesn’t happen again, our country and a lot more around the globe completely shut down due to the pandemic that spread over the world.

I completely appreciate people worrying where they are high risk, but whilst worrying can also add to our immune system breakdowns…and for those who have very little or no immune systems due to chronic illness then I just pray you are sat reading my blog this month…I have been sending Reiki daily to each and every single one of you.

What I personally have learned during this time is the togetherness it has actually brought upon us as a community, without the ability to be in each other’s company we can only be thankful for telephones and internet which has helped us raise the spirit on our darkest days. I did try my hardest to stay away from the negative side of social media yet some days I felt drawn into the ignorance that I didn’t want to partake in but found myself joining in on some occasion, that alone was a valuable lesson for me, one that I know that I don’t want to be a part of in my future and had to learn a lot of self-control that I thought I already had, but clearly we all have lots to learn. So whilst the world was full of experts and specialists on the media sites, does it not teach us that none of us are experts or specialists, that we all have a lot to learn, that it doesn’t really matter what certificate or PhD for that matter you may hold, does it actually mean anything at all if you promote an unkind manner in your life. Kindness is far more valuable than any degree, or certificate, kindness spreads so much further than the arrogance of know it all’s. If you are not doing your job or living your life with your whole heart and displaying a kindness to your existing earth walkers, I suggest you start now. The community we live in we have witnessed so much respect for one another during this period and that made my heart sing on the days when I could have strung up my kids quiet easily. Yes, we had to act with complete caution, and we did with nothing but respect for one another, and mother nature had time to heal a little.
So, what happens if you are still worrying about leaving the house?

When we feed worry to ourselves frequently our subconscious mind starts thinking this is a “normal” action and before we know it anxiety has kicked in and completely taken over. The saying “mind over matter” could not be truer than just your typical “quote” our minds thoughts become our brain/bodies matter, regardless of what age/stage/illness we are experiencing our mind is amazingly powerful. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says “we are riding on the back of a giant…and it’s a free ride” our minds are so powerful, the thoughts we feed it changes the body and its reaction to things. When anxiety kicks in our bodies natural fight or flight mode takes over…choose your thoughts wisely. Your thoughts become things, and the society that we are accustomed to playing a part in is managing to control a huge amount of people’s thoughts…

Little things can make a big impact…

  • Spend less time on social media, enjoy real life more
  • Stop reading newspapers as soon as you wake up in the morning and watching the news before you sleep, this sends lots of negative signals at the most critical times of the day
  • Keep a regular bedtime routine
  • Do a little daily exercise, however little it is
  • Wake up everyday with 3 things to be grateful for
  • Smile
  • Learn simple breathing techniques, if you want to know some simple ones email me and I will happily teach you my “magic 3”

Know the difference between the fact and the limiting belief. Facts cannot be argued with, limiting beliefs (what your anxiety feeds you) can. So, the good news is, limiting beliefs can be changed and you gain your control.
If you like to read some self-help books, I cannot recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza- Evolve the Brain (the science of changing your mind) enough! It can be quite deep when he talks about the quantum physics and the different parts of the brain, filled with scientific facts from one of my most favourite teachers. If you don’t like to read, it is available on audible and if you don’t have audible I will happily send you it free as you don’t need to sign up but can get a free recommendation to listen to. So, let me know and I will happily send it your way. It will change your life. You can even get Alexa reading it to you whilst you cook.
And lease remember FREE consultations as always at The Reiki Room Mind Clinic for any little unwanted behaviours you may have. Contact me for any info.

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