Winter holidays have gone by … January seemed more difficult than expected?

… Maybe in February it’s the right time to stop and try to find the right balance in all different aspects of our lives. We just have to decide to do it. It’s an experience to feel that a lifetime and a minute could be just a second…

I will share with you where my inspiration for this article came from … I will share something personal with you.

It was the end of last year and I was invited to a dinner party. Sounds, music, long table … it was a gathering of different nationalities and people of all sorts with the same purpose … “ to start something better, willing to love and have faith”.

A very nice lady was seated next to me. She started making jokes, which developed into a quite nice conversation after a while. Then as the evening went on she shared something really sad with me… She lost her 45-year-old son tragically 3 years previous from a suddenly discovered illness. In just a few days his perfect life had ended and was gone forever.

While this conversation was taking place, a message came to my phone. It was from one of my lovely friends. Her daughter had just given birth to a precious little baby whose picture was taken and shared with the message. At that very moment I felt a deep movement inside my body, like something ice cold just touched my heart and I couldn’t find the right words to describe it!

At this very moment when I felt the death and newborn life just passed each other … I realized that life seems to flow like music playing with a special rhythm, which you identify with, as yours and you start to move with it.

You are living the illusion that that music would be always there for you, letting you draw different choreographies, some of them happier than others.

Now and then you get ¨distracted¨ with new events, jobs, relationships but your steps and choreography are always following the same rhythm. Sometimes, you change partner, you change the dance, routine and steps… hoping you can divide the play into different “acts” … first, second, third but the ¨time counter¨ is ON. Sometimes living a faulty perception influenced by culture where materialistic possessions seem to really matter. Your perfect wedding, house (when the mortgage says it’s bank’s but you keep saying it’s yours) and you are trying to be dancing with the flow …

The minute I told you, when the past and the present, the life and death crossed each other a deep impression occurred inside me. It didn’t prevent me from enjoying the evening but it made me realize the uncertainty of life.

Our surroundings and possessions are just a projection of ourselves. It’s people who make the biggest difference on us and we can make a difference on them. You may have this or that, but it’s the people around that make you feel ALIVE!

So it’s time to stop and find the right balance in our lives because the person you could have bumped into 2 minutes ago may we’ll be someone of big importance to you. I will always by thankful for that nice lady for “sharing”. She illuminated my soul and many others I hope.

She made me realize that each of us can be very important for someone else and believe me; sometimes angels are hidden inside the ones we had not even had a chance to know, or never bumped into … so stop the madness of dancing for a little while!

Make time to reassess yourself on daily basis. The most balancing can be divided into 2 categories: internal (mind, heart, health) and external (work, social, family). You may find that you focus more on external things and that you pay very little attention to what is going on inside your mind and heart. Or, on the other hand you may feel that you spend so much time being self reflective that you sometimes miss out on the experience of living.

Don’t feel that your decisions always have to be concrete. If it feels like something isn’t working for you, make the change! Just like accomplishing any goal in life, it takes time and effort to overcome your daily patterns and create new ones. If you stay on track, set goals, plans tasks, prepare and reflect, then there is a good chance you will create new habits to enjoy a more balanced life going forward!

Listen to the rhythm of the waves crushing into the rocks. Remember the normal day. Stop the music and feel what would make some difference!


Personally I feel, I have someone special to meet yet. Perhaps we meet, perhaps not.

Let’s get into 2019 little by little. Gradually becoming conscious of the important things in life!

I would like to say big thank you to my family, my friends, my patients and my readers. For being here to remind me what I have to remind you … and the other way back. Our infinite dancing together …


I would love for you to suggest to me some topics you want to know about, for sure I will have had some real topics related to it during my past work history, I have twenty years of folders to investigate. You can ask me any questions, and I will give you my contribution in the form of suggestion, hoping it can help you.

Your information will be kept in the strictest confidentiality.