Spanish Parliament is going to approve within the following months a new (and more strict) Animal Protection and Welfare law. So far, the legal text is not definitive yet, and the content is not 100% developed. Just like any other legal text, lots of articles will be modified before its definitive approval.

Most people have probably heard about it at the news. Our most important recommendation is not to believe everything they say about it, since there are lots of hoaxes and fake news everywhere. The only 100% reliable source of information is official Spanish Government websites, and, of course, your Vet.

Here are some things the new law says about companion animals:

• They must live at home with their family in good health and hygienic conditions.

• Those animals, which can’t live at home due to their special features, must live in proper facilities according species and breed, and the facilities must offer them protection against cold and hot weather.

• Social animals must live with other members of the species, never isolated.

• Uncontrolled reproduction must end. This implies, for example, animals which can go    outdoors must be neutered. Animals belonging to the same species which share a home can’t reproduce 


    This implies, at least, in case you have males and females of the same species at home, all the males or all the females must be neutered.

• An animal cannot be left in a car exposed to high temperatures.

• An animal cannot walk off the lead without supervision.

• An animal cannot spend all the day chained. This is becoming fortunately more and more uncommon, but sometimes you can see it in case of large country houses, just to stop the dog approaching to the fence. This will be totally forbidden.

• The owner must clean its pet’s faeces and urine in every case, even at the countryside.

• Dogs must pass a behavioural test. The way this test is going to be performed is not developed yet.

• Mandatory Veterinary treatments will be easier for the owner.

• Cages, aquariums and terrariums will have minimum requirements according to the species.

• Breeding will be forbidden, except for professional breeders (professional implies, of course, paying VAT and other taxes every professional pays).

• Animals will be allowed to enter public and private establishments, except in case of risk for people.

• Animals will be allowed to use means of transport. In case of car rental with a driver it will be the driver’s decision

• Animals cannot be sent away by courier. Animal transportation businesses must be exclusive for animals.

• Animals can access everywhere except if there is a sign perfectly visible from the exterior forbidding it.

We will continue informing about this new regulation after Christmas.

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