About one month ago, we were watching a television program about science for kids and teenagers. That day they were talking about magnetism, and a guest said dogs (or at least some dogs), are able to feel Earth magnetism. How was this peculiar ability discovered? Believe it or not, both male and female dogs, when time to poo, usually turn several times searching for the North Pole, just like the needle of a compass, and when they find it, they “do their business”. Of course, not every dog turns when going to the toilet, but most of the ones which do it, point the magnetic North Pole.

Dogs, no disrespect to cats, are amazing creatures. They are able not only to feel Earth magnetism, but some other surprising abilities, such as an extremely enhanced smells and sounds perception. This is something that doesn’t need to be explained because everybody knows very well. Besides, since dogs are been our companions for 10,000 years, their evolution has been parallel to ours: little by little, lots of different breeds have appeared, with different body shape and size, but also with different abilities.

Have you ever wondered why are there police dogs, rescue dogs, or guide dogs for blind or disabled people? Dogs (most of them) are able to learn lots of things, and besides they love interacting with humans. We all know family dogs which follow their family wherever they go: they will swim, run next to a bicycle, walk in the snow… whatever is necessary. And this is the initial requirement for selecting a good candidate for police dog: want to learn (which means, for a dog, want to play), and want to be with “its” human. For this reason they choose breeds with natural inclination towards playing, such as Belgian Malinois. In fact, practically almost every dog could be a police dog, no matter about size or gender, but it’s true that those breeds which have been selected for police purposes generation after generation are easier to train. It happens the same with hunting or shepherd dogs: some breed seem to have in their DNA the ability of detecting rabbits or driving cattle.

Police dogs are purchased by law enforcement when they are puppies. They are assigned to an officer who will take care of it and will be its trainer. The bond between dog and trainer is very strong, and it’s game based. The reward for the dog when doing a job, whatever the final result is, is to play with its trainer. This means: a drug-sniffing dog, after finishing its task will play with its trainer, no matter if it has found drugs or not.

These dogs seem to have real superpowers, and they are able to detect drugs, explosives, buried persons with an incredible precision, so their job is very important for protecting us.



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