Kitchens that occupy very little area and, however, are still functional. Do you believe it ?

Take note of some tricks to get the most out of it.


Concentrate the entire work area on one wall and leave the other free of cabinets and furniture, thus promoting freedom of movement. The wall that concentrates the work area should include the kitchen, counter-top, appliances and cabinets. It seems impossible, but there are compact kitchen modules, with functional cabinets and space for appliances.


Clear tones such as white, grey or beige will add luminosity to the room and expand it visually. Combine these colours with darker shades on floors, walls or counter-tops until you get the desired ambience. As for the furniture, choose clean, straight, uncluttered lines, and distribute them so that there are fewer lines in the composition, making the space look as simple and clean as possible.


These types of kitchens should be well lit to increase the feeling of spaciousness. Make the most of natural light by leaving your entrance clear and add generic light points for lighting the entire space, and specific light points to illuminate specific areas of the kitchen such as workspace.


Distribute the furniture taking advantage of the space available to the maximum and add accessories that facilitate their order and storage. If you still don’t have enough space, use walls to install shelves or metal bars to place and hang kitchen utensils that will serve as well as decorate.



This is an example of a transformation of a classic Castilian kitchen of a small size which opens to the living room area in the form of “U- shape”. It presents problems like the lack of storage, the lack of integration of appliances and above all the aesthetics.


This new design has tried to recover space, raising the furniture of the bar area and creating a new and spacious work surface in Silestone with integral sink. In addition to that we have also installed an aluminium shutter column and all the appliances have been integrated, gaining space and functionality. The white and natural tones have been used to add light, as well as new lighting on the work areas, resulting in a more integrated space in the rest of the home.

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