For so many of us this is a problem, a problem that sometimes we do that much it becomes a part of our daily life, as the saying goes old habits die hard, which is all too true.

Habits are created by us performing little day to day tasks which locks into our unconscious mind in what is known as neurological loops, whilst psychologists say it takes around 66 days to create a habit, it can be broken within 21 days.

Habits can begin from a number of things, feeling nervous and start biting those nails, picking spots on our face, having 2 (or 3) biscuits with that cup of tea apposed to, having that cigarette every morning with your coffee or smoking extra because you are going on a journey somewhere and feel the urge to fill they lungs with extra cigarettes, having that glass of wine every night (because you have earned it) or it may be worrying you do, that unnecessary worrying that you excuse as being “the way I am” “i have always been like this” as if it is a normal trait to own.

Let me enlighten you…you are not a worrier…you have a HABIT of worrying.

One of the most common habit used by so many of us is the use of the snooze button on the alarm clock every morning, and if reading this can change any of your daily habits then please let it be this 1. Whilst pressing the snooze button may sound like a little thing that has no relevance in your life, the reality of performing this task has a lot more to it. The way we wake ourselves in the morning has a major part in our daily lives.

When we press the snooze button thinking we will get that extra little bit of sleep time in what is actually happening in our brain is we are wakening it up temporarily to then send it back into the sleep cycle, this action is called sleepinersha, so after that 10 (or 20) minute snooze you will waken with a foggy brain, feeling tired throughout your day, less productive and your brain working a lot less than that if you awoken without that snooze button and we do it almost every day. Continuing this daily habit is scientifically proven to have an ill affect on your health.

So start tomorrow…when that alarm clock goes off…get up, no matter how tired you feel within the first few minutes…get up…your brain will benefit so very much from changing this habit. I can promise you it won’t be easy but I can promise you it will be worth it.

Habits can have a detrimental affect on our lives… they are created without our conscious minds being aware of it. As the marvellous Milton Erickson (pioneer of hypnotherapy) once said “ what you don’t realise, is that most of your life is unconsciously determined, the good news is that the unconscious mind is not unchangeable”

So change those unwanted habits to some good wanted habits today…you have the power!
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