There has been some evidence of someone in Gran Alacant, around the Brisamar/Life Resort poisoning cats. I can understand the mating call of the cats can be extremely irritating but it that is part of nature and only lasts through spring . It is certainly no more annoying than the continuous barking of the poor dogs that are left alone all day in all temperatures, whilst their owners go to work. Are they going to poison all of them too ?

It is not the fault of the cat that it is born feral. I am sure it would love to be a house cat all nice and warm indoors but life is unfair and they have the right to live on the land.
How these people can live with themselves as poisoning causes the most horrendous of deaths and is totally cruel. Also these people are not only targeting feral cats but peoples pets… do they distinguish between which is which ? and they cause a lot of heartache for the owners. Perhaps they would like to reimburse them for the cost of getting their animals sterilized and the vaccinations that they require ?

We have looked after several feral cats for a few years now, sometimes at the annoyance of our neighbours, but we found 4 kittens in our garden and decided we would get them sterilized and they continued to live in our garden. Most of the day they were nowhere to be seen, only returning for their food. Over the past couple of weeks since hearing about these people and what they are doing, two of our cats have disappeared so we can only assume they have got caught up with these nasty, evil people. We are heartbroken.

Please keep your eyes out for anyone seeming to be putting food down, especially around the bend by Brisamar where the big gate is and if you have your mobile phone on you, take a picture and shame them.