On 3rd of October, someone set fire to Cuatro Patas’ site. Most of the animals escaped unharmed thanks to the actions of a neighbour who jumped the fence and freed them. Sadly, two of the residents, a rescued pig called Margarita and a kitten they recently took in, were burned alive.

Our most sincere thanks to each and every person who contacted us to express their condolences for the loss of Chip and our beloved Margarita.

Our thanks to all of the people who are providing material, physical and economic support and assistance to the association during this very difficult time. Our thanks to companies like Satur skips and Cano building materials and others without their help rebuilding would not be possible.

After what has happened, we can only believe that there is hope. That the road ahead is hard but not impossible. Yesterday, the Board decided that the doors of the shelter will be closed for at least a month. That means NO new animals will enter the facility until everything is back to normal.

This does not mean people cannot come to visit or that we are going to stop going to the sanctuary. It is simply a decision to avoid disrupting the lives of new animals with the rebuilding.

After this, we can only continue to ask for HELP. Help to replace everything the fire took from us. That the fire stole from us. Everything that with great effort on the part of many, we had collected over a year.