What should you know when applying wood to your kitchen counter?


Are you willing to perform the maintenance that the wood needs in order to be in good condition? If not, maybe you’d better choose another material whose durability in time does not need so much care. You must know…

The worktop is a work area exposed to humidity, heat, shock … and therefore it is highly recommended to focus on solid wood worktops such as those made of beech, oak or walnut.

Tropical wood is more resistant to moisture because it contains more oils in its composition, but soft woods require more care. Any sharp object can leave permanent marks.

These types of surfaces require strict maintenance to keep it intact. It is important to brush, varnish and sand if we do not want it to deteriorate. Some manufacturers subject this material to waterproofing treatment to prevent them from deforming with moisture. Wood is a very porous material and if water or any stain falls on it, it is recommended to dry it off quickly so that the stains do not penetrate into it and are impossible to eliminate.

Combination of wooden worktops with glossy kitchens

This current design of cocinas.com corresponds to a combination of Maxxigloss White Galaxy doors with Galaxy Grey doors both with inox handles incorporated in the doors. Doors are very resistant to scratching and impact and do not lose brightness.

DEKTON XGloss an ultra-bright compact surface of high resistance

Dekton “XGLOSS” is the latest line of high-tech polished ultra-compact surfaces, which is characterized by a crystalline sheen and high stain resistance

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