Don’t panic! We are not writing about animals killers, but killers the only thing they loved was their pets.

We frequently say it’s impossible for an animal abuser to be a good person. We are completely sure about it. If you are a good people, you are supposed to feel extremely disgusted about other people (or animals) suffering, and of course, you are also supposed to never produce, or approve, that suffering. Of course we don’t mean shy or non friendly people. You can be shy or non friendly but still a good person.

But, what about people who adore their pets? Are all of them good people? Our opinion is NOT all of them are. During these two decades of non-stop working, we have seen people who treated very well their dogs and cats, but they were really tyrannical with their couples and children. People who mistreat and insult other people, but love their pets and would do whatever is necessary for them.

We have read recently in the papers an article about Spanish murderers who, after kidnapping, killing and quartering their victims, were not showing any kind of contrition nor any kind of feelings. They were cold, with no empathy for the victim and completely careless about their own future. But, surprisingly, they were extremely worried about their pets.

In one of this cases, a woman that committed a crime with the help of her boyfriend, only showed signs of sympathy during crime reconstruction when one of her sugar gliders which lived in a cage at the house where the crime was committed got a leg trapped at the cage bars and started crying. This worry about her pets was the only sign of sincere emotion the woman showed.

In other interesting case was the love the killer felt for her Siberian Huskys the only thing that made her confess the place where she buried the 33 pieces she split the corpse of her victim. The forensics told the woman if she didn’t confess where had she buried the corpse, they would have to put her Huskies to sleep in order to search the remaining of the victim at the dogs stomach and intestine. Obviously, this was just a lie for making her confess, but it was the only way the Police had, and the murdered confessed immediately.

There is the case of a man to knocked down a neighbour with his car. During the crime, the killer’s dog was sitting at the car beside his owner. In other cases, the dog “solved” the crime: a small dog whose owner was killed, managed to bite the murderer, so the forensics were able to find his DNA at the dog’s mouth. So, as you can see, pets join us whatever we do, even if we commit a crime or we are the victims of a crime.

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