Last Sunday, April the 3rd, there was a demonstration of Veterinarians in Madrid. The media did not catch wind of this, even less of which were the vindications of the Spanish veterinarians. We never talk about politics here, but we believe the reasons of the veterinarians are important for all animal owners. 

During the pandemic, veterinary practices stayed open and Vets were considered essential workers. We were necessary for keeping pets in Spain healthy, and thus the health of their owners. 

Of course, veterinarians working in sanitary inspection – farms and the likes – were also on duty. Nobody would doubt about how essential those jobs are. Without them, there just would be no food on our plates.  

We, small companion pets veterinary surgeons, protest because, we are in an unclear legal status. 

On the one hand, we are healthcare workers and for that reason we are subjected to a close surveillance on our professional activity – prescriptions, medical records… everything must be accounted for and revised. On top of that, apart from working strictly in animal health, we also cooperate with the Government: animal registration via microchip, disease control via vaccination, verification of notifiable diseases, pets passports, import-export certificates and more other kinds of bureaucracy, etc.

On the other hand, the taxes we have to pay do not correspond to those of other healthcare professionals, like doctors and dentists for example. Sanitary work in Spain pays 0% VAT, while veterinarians must pay 21%. We do not have a reduced VAT type, such as 4 or 10% despite we are essential workers. Every time you pay your veterinarian, the 21% of the bill is VAT, which we must pay in our quarterly rental declaration, on top of other taxes. 

The main claim at Madrid demonstration was “We are veterinarians, we are healthcare workers”. In Spain, unlike other EU countries, being a Vet does not imply social recognition. 

Everybody likes veterinarians; they are good people who love animals, but their work is not recognized as healthcare that protects people and environmental welfare, which is why we want to insist on the fundamental role of the veterinary profession in public health, on the control of actual and future diseases which might paralyze the world, such as NCoV – which is also a zoonotic disease, like many other ones Vets are used to treat. 

There are a handful of campaigns to help us veterinarians with just a signature. 

Lend us a hand, if you don’t mind. 



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