Christmas is getting closer and you sure have in mind all of your dear ones and probably you are also thinking about which could be their Christmas present. But don´t forget about your furry friends that have been lovely the whole year and they deserve something special too! This month we´ve come with two presents that you can give to your pets that cost near to nothing and are ecologic.

of all, for those cat owners, we all know that cats may be super lazy or super active. With the idea that we propose to you, you´ll make your cat take a bit of exercise while it´s being rewarded with food. In order to make this toy, you´ll need some strong cardboard boxes or even wood, small plastic bottles, scissors, glue, a stick and your pet´s food.

1. First, you need to cut two pieces of cardboard or wood about 20×10 cm and attach them to another piece that will serve as a base with the length that you desire depending on how many bottles do you want to use. The structure should have a “U” shape but with a flat base.

2. Secondly, you´ll need two or three small plastic bottles that we´ll fill with your pet´s food about half their capacity in order to not to be very heavy. Then, make two little holes at both sides of the bottle to get them through the stick. Remember not to seal the bottle –the food should be able to fall if the bottle is held upside-down-

3. Then, pick a stick large enough to reach both of the vertical pieces and place it between them to create a square-like structure and attach them to the pieces with the bottles already passed through the stick.

4. And we´re done! If your pet hits the bottle with enough strength, it will hang upside down and food with pour from it, making it a great way to exercise.

But we haven´t forgotten about dogs! We found a recipe for dog cookies that are also edible for humans if you want to share this bite with your furry friend. Note that only healthy dogs can eat these so be sure to ask your vet before giving them these cookies.

First, the ingredients are: 3 almond flour, ¼ cup of pumpkin puree, 2 eggs and 3tbsp of peanut butter.

1. Add 3 cups of almond flour into a large mixing bowl
2. Add ¼ cup of pumpkin puree and 3 tbsp. of peanut butter
3. Crack 2 eggs into the mixture
4. Whisk ingredients together until the mixture stops being sticky
5. Roll out dough to desired thickness and cut it into whatever shape you like
6. Bake at 350Fº for 25 minutes and let cool before serving

And this is all! You can try making this presents for your pets and giving them for Christmas, after all, they sure have been nice all the year!

Marina Reina Aldeguer