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Gran Alacant Beach (Carabassi) – One of the best Beaches in the Costa Blanca

The name “Costa Blanca” meaning White Coast, was given to this region of Spain due to its 244 kilometres of beautiful sunny beaches with crystal clear waters. Stretching from Denia in the North, all the way to Pilar de la Horadada in the South, there are numerous stunning Blue Flag beaches for you to relax and let the world slip by as you enjoy all the facilities that these beaches have to offer.

From the quiet seclusion of the coves to the bustling resorts, which beach is best suited to you? To help you decide, here is some information about 5 beaches that are considered to be the Top 5 Beaches in the Costa Blanca region. One of which, Carabassi Beach, is literally on the doorstep of Gran Alacant.

1 – El Paradis – Villajoyosa
With over 1km of golden sand and crystal clear, blue/green sea this Blue Flag beach is absolutely stunning. There is a sports area, park, pontoons and numerous water sports activities to choose from so you will never be short of something to do. There are plenty of sunbeds and shades available, toilet facilities and lots of restaurants and bars to keep you fuelled up. During the Summer months a lifeguard is on duty.

2 – La Granadella – Jávea
Although this beach is only 220m long, the amazing scenery and the surrounding Aleppo Pine trees make it truly beautiful. The local Javea Sailing Club has its home in the creek here. Although it is a pebble beach, access for the disabled is made easy with the great disabled facilities here, there are also showers, toilets and again in the Summer months a lifeguard is present. The many restaurants and bars will keep you going throughout the day and if you are feeling adventurous why not try diving here.

3 – Les Rotes – Denia
This Blue Flag, 4km stretch of golden sand and beautiful rocky coves is truly striking. Bordering the Nature Reserve, Parque Natural de Monto, it is situated to the South of Denia just off the “Carretera del Barranc del Monyo a Les Arenetes”. There is a nudist area (Zona La Cala creek); board walks for disabled access, toilet and shower facilities, plenty of beach bars and restaurants and in the Summer months a lifeguard. This stretch of sea is also a lovely spot for scuba diving. There are plenty of private coves and rock pools for everyone to explore.

4 – San Juan de Alicante – Alicante
Situated just to the North of the city of Alicante you will find the 7km stretch of Blue Flag beach, San Juan de Alicante. Being near the city, access is easy with the use of bus or trams for those who don´t have a car. This fine golden sandy beach seems to go on forever. There are lots of areas where you can rent sun loungers and shades. There is easy parking facilities as well as showers, toilets, beach bars and a lifeguard during the Summer. There is a lovely promenade that runs alongside the beach with restaurants, parks and volleyball facilities. There is also excellent disabled access.

5 – Carabassi Beach
This amazing stretch of beach has been awarded the Blue Flag award for its clear sea and clean sand. During the Summer months there are lots of water sports, sun loungers and bars for you to relax and unwind as you soak up the sun. There are foot showers, toilets and an area for nudist sunbathing. In the Summer the lifeguards can be spotted regularly patrolling the shoreline.

Out of season this beach becomes a huge open space where long walks and paddling in the Mediterranean are truly delightful.

The sand dunes are an integral part of this beach and the local council works extremely hard to maintain and preserve this area. In fact, in September 2015, it was chosen for both its natural beauty and the famous Sand Dunes, as one of the few beaches in Spain for the release of 25 Loggerhead Turtle hatchlings into the Mediterranean in the hopes that in the future we may see them return to lay eggs and bring these wonderful creatures back to this area of Spain, where they have been absent for over 200 years.

Hogueras de San Juan – Festival

On the night of the 23rd June one of the largest and important festivals in Alicante the “Hogueras de San Juan” (Bonfires of Saint John) takes place. This is an amazing event where up and down the coast for one night only you will find the beaches full of families and friends all grouped around their own “Hoguera” or fire. This is the ONLY time that fires are permitted on these beaches. The locals arrive armed with food, drinks, deck chairs, tables and plenty of firewood. Starting around an hour or so before the sun sets people start to arrive, get their fires going and let the festivities begin. One of the traditions is writing down 3 hopes for the future and throwing the paper onto the fire. Another is the jumping of the fire, traditionally this is done 3 times for good luck, some locals also shout “meigas fora” meaning witches off!! This all-night party is great fun, has an amazing atmosphere and the sea is absolutely magical to swim in at night.