A recent research has proved cats actually have facial expressions, and some people know how to recognize them. These people are called “cats whisperers”. Persons like us, who have owned cats for years, already knew it: we know, not only when our cat is ill or in pain, but also when is happy, bored, amazed, or demanding attention.

Normally, all those situations are associated with dogs, since they are able to make faces more easily than cats, and their facial expressions are easier to read by people: angry, ashamed, happy, bored dog face…

It’s true that dogs and cats use the whole body for communicating, for example ears and tail position, etc, but this research is concentrated on facial expressions. What is new in this research is that it looks like the most common cats whisperer is a young woman who works with cats, no matter if she likes cats or not.

It’s true, according to lots of researches in the past, that women are better reading facial expressions (in dogs, cats, and humans) than men, but the most important thing about this, is that this ability can be learned, and this help us to understand and predict our cat’s behaviour.

What they did at the previous researches was just classify cats “pain faces”, but a cat which doesn’t move can be angry or feeling pain, so being able to see the difference is quite useful for both owner and Vet.

The most recent researches want to know more about cats, not only when they are ill, but also when they are happy, tired or distressed.

Cats owners know very well what I’m talking about: cats have always had a “bad reputation” because most people thing they are egotistic and selfish, they are not as affectionate as dogs, they are terribly independent… Well, as Vets usually say, “a cat is not a small dog”. They are just different, but not less affectionate or loyal. The problem is probably that we haven’t been able to understand them perfectly.

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