Can be prepared from beef or pork cheeks (carrillada). It’s a very popular Spanish dish and cheeks are usually highly demanded by resturants therefore it?s advisable to order them in advance at butchers. Carrillada are very tender and juice (siliar to shanks) and require slow cooking.

1.5Kg or veal cheeks
1 Litre of Red Wine
1/2 Glass of Brandy
1 Large Onion
1 x Leek, 2 x Carrots
4 x Garlic Cloves
Olive Oil
Salt, Black Petter, Bay leaf, (Rosemary and Turmeric – optional)

  1. Place 3-4 table spoons of oil in a big pan.
  2. Add salt and pepper to the cheeks and coat with flour
  3. Add cheeks to the pan and brown until well sealed and stop loosing juice during cooking. Remove them to bowl and leave to rest
  4. Add onions and leaks into the same pan and fry until golden brown. Then add carrots and fry for few minutes before adding brandy to flambe. Place cheeks back into the pan and add red wine. Add the unpeeled garlic and the bunch of herbs (optional)
  5. Slow cook for hour and half. Remove the cheeks to one side, cover with foil and leave to rest
  6. Blend the content of the pan until it has the right consistency, add cheeks into the pan and keep warm over low heat until ready to serve. Serve with mash potatoes, peas and broccoli or chips or rice and veggies