I lived my youth close to my grand-parents farm and I have interest on farming. And it is really fascinating to see how it is done here. I guess some problems are similar between Finnish and Spanish farmers. But one challenge is totally different. Where in northern parts of the world the problem is getting excess water out of the fields. Here instead of digging ditches to get the water out, famers need to build irrigation system to get the water in. There are many water supplies in the area and a fine example of the irrigation system is the canal that runs from Abanilla to Crevillent. And there is a road next to canal to ride on.

Head out towards San Felipe Neri and from the San Felper Neri road turn right towards Realengo. Ride through Realengo and turn right on CV-904 towards Crevillent. Just go over the overpass and take the 3rd exit from the roundabout after overpass. This road takes you all the way to Albatera. In Albatera look for a junction to the right to road CV-873 to Hondon De las Frailes. Continue until you encounter the canal and turn right. The road takes you all the way to Crevillent. At the end of the road turn right and go straight until you reach N-340. On the left is Crevillent with many cafes to choose from. From Crevillent you can get back following CV-875 until Matola where you turn right from traffic lighs to CV-857. CV-857 takes you to CV-851 and heading out right you will return to GA.


If you want to get some climbing done and some extra miles you can connect from the canal road behind or over the “Embalse the Crevillent” “from bridge 6”. As you go along the Canal road you see that all the bridges have numbers which gets smaller the closer you get to Crevillent. Go over the canal at Bridge 6 and head up towards the mountains. Just follow the road with some really steep (But short) decents and climbs. The road takes you back to Crevillent ending on a small roundabout. From the roundabout take left and go over a small bridge. After the bridge take a left up towards the hills again via Carrer De Molinas. Continue up to junction with pilgrimage sign to Orito straight. Turn right and you are on the road that will go next to the Embalse the Crevillent and join N-325. N-325 takes you downhill and back to Crevillent.


Distance for Canal road approx. 90km. Moving time approx. 4 hours.
– Difficulty: Easy/Medium (Medium/Hard for the Embalse Route)

Outward Route: Realengo – Albatera – Canal Road – Crevillent

Return Route: Crevillent – CV-857 – CV-875 – CV-851 – Gran Alacant.

You can find several weekly rides from facebook group or you can post in search for company or route. “Gran Alacant Road Cyclist (Bici Gran Alacant)” and local bike shop For Riders have events on their facebook page.

Few things to keep in mind:
1. Always have something to drink with you and for a bit longer rides maybe a banana or mueslibar
2. Always have a little money if you need to stop to buy food or drink.
3. Take the phone with you.
4. And the most important. Wave to the fellow – cyclists!