What’s great about Cambridge?
Our Consultants!

You get one-to-one support from a Cambridge Consultant with personal experience of losing weight. They are perfectly placed to offer friendly advice and support when the going gets tough.

CWP is also known as the Cambridge Diet, and we are not all about shakes. We offer shakes, soups, porridge, bars and a ready-to-drink shake.

Our Steps Plan include conventional food, so you can still have food, and not just be on meal replacement products.

Important news:
Cambridge Weight Plan Spain is the only meal replacement company that is now registered with the Spanish Government’s Health department ahead of new laws coming into effect in 2018.

My name in Anna de Haas and in January 2011 I met with my consultant Sue, after hearing about CWP from a friend who lost a lot of weight.

In March 2011 I have lost 24kg and was back in my size 12 jeans.

In October 2011 I was accredited as a CWP consultant, and started seeing my clients. They ranged from new mums to pensioners. I saw around 58 clients at the busiest times.
We relocated to Spain in July 2015, and then I took 2 years off to help the kids settle in school.

I was accredited as a consultant here in Spain in July 2017.
I therefor have the experience to help the British Expats, as I worked with them, and understand their way of living.

Now I am ready to build a team of consultants around me, spread the word of CWP and help people to “Get healthy and lose weight”.

I am the only active English speaking consultant in Alicante area, and I am doing mobile visits, so people do not have to leave their homes.

Free consultation
in LoungeD bar
MASA Square (above Dialprix)

Complimentary tea or coffee
Opportunity to try our delicious products

I am also looking for people to join us as consultants. We have 300 000 british expats that know about CWP from the UK, and we need to help them too.

Anna de Haas
CWP Independent Consultant
0034/ 608 344 912