Brexit vote 23rd June 2016

Much has been put into the public domain by politicians, the press, social media etc on how the “in or out” vote will affect us expats. The truth is that none of us actually know, we can only make assumption on the facts as we know them.

The facts are that if the vote on the 23rd June is a vote to stay in it will be potentially business as usual. If it’s a vote to exit the EU then potentially there may be future changes that will affect all of us expats but not for a further two years, this is the time period given to the UK by Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty to negotiate agreements with the remaining 27 members of the EU. The negotiations will be long and contentious and an extension beyond two years might well be needed, but any one of the 27 could block that if it didn’t get its own way on its own priorities. If after two years there is no agreement to extend, all current EU treaties that apply to the UK that have not been renegotiated will cease.

In recent reply to a letter of concern from an expat the RT Hon Dame Margaret Beckett MP stated it seems likely, therefore, that any “out” vote would result in years, possible more than 10 years of uncertainty, with no automatic rights for expats to rights and benefits that they currently enjoy.

Over the last few weeks I have asked many Expats how they will cast their vote “in” or “out, the majority have stated they will vote to stay in. When asked how they would vote if they lived in the UK, a majority would vote to exit the EU, draw your own conclusions Go to and register, with the recent polls showing both camps neck and neck don’t waste your vote.

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