GASP Theatre recent show “Breath of Spring“ played to an appreciative audience for both the shows.

The plot was based around Dame Beatrice’s “Guest “ who were kept in line by Lily the maid. Lily was very protective toward Dame Bee because it was she that gave Lily a chance of a new start in life after she had come out of prison. Unfortunately Lily in an attempt to give Dame Bee a present stole a fur coat called Breath of Spring. The first part of the play involved trying to return the coat to it’s owner. The Brigadier came up with a plan to return the fur using his “ troops “. This was so successful that they decided that instead of replacing furs they should steal them and sell them to raise funds charity. Lily was unaware of this but had suspicions. After an unexpected visit from the police, all ended happily.

The show nearly had to be cancelled when a cast member left, but, Penny Rooke stepped in at very short notice to take over the role of Dame Beatrice. So a special thank you to Penny for saving the day.

The much admired set was designed and constructed by Terry Lacey.

Lily knows