Hi all. Hope you have all had a great summer. This month I decided to make a fish recipe. I love codfish and down the south of Spain they prepar one of the best codfish recipes called Bacalao a la Andaluza

Hope you all enjoy it


4 Desalted cod loins
8 piquillo peppers
8 oyster mushrooms
6 medium tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
1 onion
50 grams of flour
White wine
Extra virgin olive oil
bay leaf

Let’s Start:

  • Prepare the sauce: peel and chop the onion into small pieces and put it in a saucepan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Sauté in a pan and add chopped garlic.
  • Remove the seeds and skins from the 8 piquillo peppers. Cut them into small strips, and add them to the stir-fry with a little salt, bay leaf and thyme.
  • When all the ingredients are poached, add the 6 peeled and chopped tomatoes and 1 glass of white wine to give special touch to the sauce. Mix well and set aside.

Prepare the cod loins: by passing them through a little flour mixed with oregano and frying them in a deep pan with plenty of oil. Add the cod to the tomato sauce and then add the 8 sliced oyster mushrooms. Let stand for a few minutes and serve.

I used Boiled potatoes to serve with. Hope you enjoy xxx