Dear Sonia, 

Many times I feel that I´m not enough and that I could do more… What should I do? 


Dear Kristina, 

I understand, there are many of us who feel that way. Especially women. We have many pressures studies, obligations, work at home, children… and we often feel like we didn’t manage to do everything and that we should be doing more than we are. This kind of thinking leads us to not enjoy what we are doing, to get lost in endless goals and will ultimately result in exhaustion. To stop this loop, there are several things that could help you. Know how to stop even if you think that what you’re doing is essential, value everything you do in your day-to-day life, keep in mind that you’re much more than what you do or get and finally realize that the most important thing is to give your best at all times and you will see some amazing results in return.