We seem to have been having an outbreak of the pesky little blood suckers again around G.A. while it is great to have more time outdoors these little pests can put a right dampner on it.

It is true they bite more people than others, I am one of the lucky ones who don’t get too many. So why do they bite some and not others, and most importantly what can we do to try and deter them?

Some say its different body odours that attract them, there is some truth in this but the huge factor is in your metabolic rate and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) your body releases when you burn energy, this is how mossies identify their target. When they get there they will then determine what blood suits them best. If you are type ‘O’ you will attract more than those with type ‘A’ or ‘B’.

When we drink alcohol or eat sugary foods (which is not too good for us)can raise that metabolic rate in us, while exercise(which is good for us) also raises that rate, so what can we do for the better?

Reduce our intake of sweet products, and before exercise, wear loose light clothing and apply a little essential oil to your system. When going to the pub for a good summery night out, make sure you have your pocket fan, mossies hate wind and struggle to fly in it. Wearing light coloured clothes also acts as a deterrent, they are more attracted to dark clothes.
As much as I understand the frustration these little pests bring and the fact that people will try anything to prevent them, it is not always the favoured choice to reach for the toxic aerosols or apply toxic chemicals to our systems, so when required, look out for natural repellents in the pharmacies and health stores.

I prefer using essential oils with my family, my diffuser is on constantly in the home and blends are on constantly on the skin. If you are prone to them I would recommend you invest in a diffuser in the home, it would be money well spent, and add oils such as Citronella, Peppermint, Lemon, Geranium, Lavender or Eucalyptus to name a few.For your skin I recommend applying a rollerball blend to your pulse points several times a day made up in a carrier oil with oils such as Lavender, Peppermint, Geranium, Basil or Eucalyptus (if required ask an aromatherapist what oils will suit any health conditions you may have, as some are not suitable for certain people) and avoid Lemon on the skin during the summer months, as much as it is great for the skin the rest of the year, during the intense heat it becomes very phototoxic to the sun rays and can burn the skin,or worse, cause skin discolouration.

Fresh rosemary with 10 drops of Lavender and 10 drops of Lemon in a bowl of water with some floating candles is a great idea for the outdoor table and smells so much nicer than the garden candles. You can also make your own spray bottles for the home, with some eucalyptus and lemon in water 10-20 drops of each) and use dark, glass bottles for the best results.

Lastly lactic acid in the body is a huge attraction – so it’s a perfect time for an aromatherapy massage, not only will it cleanse the body from unwanted toxins, the oils will also penetrate nicely into your first layer of skin and last throughout the day.

Any questions you may have on what oils are best for you to use, please feel free to contact me.

Always available within the Reiki Room is my very own homemade skincare products which include oil blends, face or body creams and foot balms, all paraben free & 100% organic, using certified pure therapeutic essential oils for a multitude of skin complaints or just for your daily cleansing routines.

I hope this info will come in useful to some of you readers and have a very happy July!!

Much Love


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