Friends, as many of you know, Gran Alacant Properties supports many groups and nonprofits in our community. One of the groups we actively support is Proyecto Cuatro Patas – España, an animal rescue founded by some neighbours, Jose Medina and Helena Bonet Jaén.

Cuatro Patas do good work fostering animals and arranging adoptions. Santa Pola currently does not have its own animal shelter and Cuatro Patas has been working on hard on that problem. In a little over 2 years, they found a site, secured necessary permissions, raised money to fence it, to buy kennels, etc. They have drawn up plans with an architect but in the interim they have been housing the animals they rescue in wooden structures on site.

Last night, someone set fire to Cuatro Patas’ site. Most of the animals escaped unharmed thanks to the actions of a neighbour who jumped the fence and freed them. Sadly, two of the residents, a rescued pig called Margarita and a kitten they recently took in, were burned alive.

Everyone is at Cuatro Patas is understandably devastated. They have lost just about everything they worked so hard for plus their beloved Margarita.

We are writing to ask for your help. Right now Cuatro Patas needs:

  • help to clean up the site to begin rebuilding
  • blankets
  • cages and carriers
  • wooden sheds
  • awnings/shade for the animals
  • fencing, if you have panels left over from a project for example
  • rakes, shovels, other garden tools
  • and of course money. Every little bit helps.

You can donate to Cuatro Patas:

  • Using PayPal. Send the money to
  • Bank Transfer to their account at Caja Rural ES96 3005 0068 4023 6569 4823
  • Teaming, giving on a monthly basis, a little as 1 euro

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Laura and Chris