Hi all, welcome to October, this month I want to talk to you all about ageing.
We all grow older, if we are privileged enough to do so, and while I know this may be a little controversial for some, but today there are just so many people worrying about the ageing on their faces and spending thousands of pounds a year to “look” younger….yes we all like to make the best of ourselves but vanity is coming at a huge price these days and so many people are being sucked into the madness…natural is definitely nicer in my honest opinion. Yes, it makes the person feel better about themselves “temporarily” but where does it stop, we just need to look at Katie Price these days to know that poor soul needs help. It is a bit disturbing and putting too much pressure on our youth growing up!

Ageing comes from within, so if you really want to stay youthful until you are 100 then look within.

Learn to respect and appreciate the skin you are in for a longer, healthier, happier you!

The process of ageing is the breakdown of key biological functions of our mind and body, which is directly related to our environment, diet, lifestyle and our outlook on life.

I have clients that I will often hear saying (and I am often correcting them!) “age doesn’t come by itself” or “well considering my age I feel lucky I only have arthritis, or high blood pressure and cholesterol”

Don’t underestimate the extent to which your thoughts and stress levels can affect both your general health and the rate at which you age.

So slowing the process down from the inside can start with the diet- cutting down on sugar, which triggers an inflammatory response in the body, which in turn contributes to heart disease and strokes and it also ages the skin as much as smoking and sunbathing. Burn it off during exercise or it will convert to fat in the body, therefore cut down on bread, cakes, biscuits, pastries, sweets and concentrated fruit juices.

Reduce your intake of full-fat dairy products and choose organic in your vegetables, fruit and meat intake.

Add more linseeds, they are a good source of omega 3 and great for helping protect breasts and prostate. Use over cereals or smoothies.

Use olive oil or coconut oil whist cooking.
Papaya, Pomegranate or/and blueberries are ‘super’ fruits which taken daily can help aid digestion and prevent a lot of ageing ailments.

Turmeric/ Curcumin- eat more curries, this is a highly anti-ageing spice, also great for inflammation.


Take a good quality multi-vitamin for your age and gender. Omega 3 is vital for the brain and nervous system and choose a good Co-enzyme (CoQ10) excellent for cell growth.

Collagen is a vital component for healthy joints, skin, hair, nails, ligaments, cartilage and tendons.

Essential oils are amazing for the ageing skin- get yourself a good quality grade bottle of Frankincense oil- a cheap tub of basic cold cream (paraben free preferably) and add 20 Oliver is around 2 years old and is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. He is only a small boy and isn’t keen on other dogs but is great with adults and children drops into the tub, there you will have the best anti-wrinkle cream. Frankincense ‘the king of oils’ is the best for skin cell regeneration.

And lastly the outlook!

People who have a positive outlook on life tend to live the longest. Find the balance with work/life, do something you love for a living and also have fun enjoying life and laugh a lot. Stop worrying, it is a fact that 85% of the things we worry about never happen. Instead of worrying concentrate on what you can change instead of what you can’t. But don’t go full circle and change your looks – this epidemic is off the scale enough.

Stop smoking – every cigarette you smoke can take 15 minutes off your life. Along with the multitude of health concerns related with this habit, it also ages the skin dramatically…and its easier than you think to just stop!!

Take regular exercise- however big or small- just keep moving!

Learn to meditate – breathing properly is amazing for the inside of the body.
Get plenty of sleep- aim for 8 hours
Don’t overeat and don’t over drink.

Address your balance for a happier, healthier you!!

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