You may know about the case that happened in Torremolinos, where a woman owning an animal shelter killed over 2.000 animals just to grab the money that was supposed to be destined to pay veterinary services at her centre. She´s being taken to court for her infringements and the trial started this week. She didn´t want to pay more veterinarians to take care of the animals, so she euthanized those animals which became too ill to continue living, and she did it without any kind of professional qualification. At the beginning she just killed agonizing animals, but as time went by, she killed almost every animal sent to the shelter to avoid taking care of them. This case was reported to the competent authorities thanks to a veterinarian who was working at this shelter. He filmed the woman euthanizing an animal and showed the video to the police. The SEPRONA (Guardia Civil environmental unit) came to see if the information was true and realised that were animal corpses in the refrigerators. The case was reported to the police and the woman was arrested.

This isn´t the only case reported; there are so many others. The people who take animals to shelters must know about these possibilities: a shelter may be a real bargain in the wrong hands, since authorities and good hearted people usually make donations which can be really important, so we should not trust those shelters in which “every animal is accepted” despite they have a limited number of cages… Two plus two never equals five, even for shelters…

Shelters must have a transparent management because there are so many charitable organisations that do this. In other cases the animal abuse isn´t that obvious, but it´s also terrible. In other cases, the people don´t know what to do with an animal found at the street and give them to the veterinarian clinics.

In case you know about a case of animal abuse you can report it with a special line established due to the case that happened in Torremolinos. In many cases the animal abuse reports end in nothing because the organisations dedicated to investigate this cases of abuse don´t investigate too much. If you really want to stop an animal abuse case you must report it to the PACMA (the animalist party). To report, you can go to their website and follow the steps according to the kind of abuse you want to stop. You can also get some information about the different kinds of abuse and law consequences.

Animal abuse is terrible and there are so many cases like that shelter in Torremolinos, if you know about one, please help to stop it.

Information taken from 15/11/16






Marina Reina Aldeguer

Sergio Reina Esteban