The purposes of aesthetic medicine are various and affect physical improvement and personal welfare, relations with the environment, personality etc.

The pillars that support our work are based in the restoration and the maintenance of body harmony, trying to achieve a synergy between inner and outer beauty, using superficial techniques or small interventions with topical or local anesthesia and always on an out patient basis.

Depending on the time, culture or country, beauty has presented variations throughout history with different trends at every moment.


As we get older our skin changes by slowing down the formation of collagen an elastin as well as the medium and deep surface hydration system.

All this leads to the elastic fibers that maintain the smoothness of the skin degrade decreasing the content of hyaluronic acid, which leads to a decrease in elasticity, hydration, tonality and causes an appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

The responsibility for all these changes is due to internal factors that are difficult to solve, such as our biological clock and genetics.

There are also external or life style factors, controllable by each person to slow the skin age.

Aesthetic medicine treatments are not only used to cure facial and body balance but also to harmonize the body before aging is irreversible, maintaining and creating new volumes and seeking to safeguard the quality of skin as long as possible.

Over the years our skin loses substances that offer volume and facial support, being the main substance that enters in the loss of hyaluronic acid.

The appropriate treatment in each case is usually a mix of various techniques applied by the beautician or a doctor, for example the beautician can apply radiofrequency or physical dermabrasion (diamond tip).

Once the aesthetic bases have been clarified, we will explain the most common techniques (always outpatients) that are used according to the needs of each patient:

• Facial and body mesotherapy
• Hyaluronic acid infiltrations
• Microsclerosis of varicosis veins
• Tensioner implant
• Butolimic toxin
• Removal of prominent surface lesions
( warts, moles etc … )
• Gold wire implants
• Liposculptures in localized areas

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