We read in last month’s magazine that Kim and Mark Carey, are challenging themselves to undergo a cycling trip  from Alicante to Gibraltar in support of a Childrens Cancer UK.

Kim has already raised money for “The Children of Elche” by completing the Santa Pola Marathon and has also jumped out of an Aeroplane for “The Stroke Association” here, so this time the couple felt it was time a UK Charity got the benefits of their hard work.

Mark is a keen cyclist who thought it a romantic idea to buy his Mrs a bike for Valentines Day. So the fact that Kim has only been cycling 8 weeks or so makes this even more of a challenge.

Watching their training from afar, has been amazing and to see the effort they are making to ready themselves physically and emotionally for their adventure of 780km really is quite inspurational. At times you can feel their pain as they increase their mileage every time they go out on their bikes.  

Inspired by their story we runners looked to raise money to support their efforts. Between us we created a virtual run day where we had to run either 10km or 5km in a place of our choosing with an entry fee of 10 euros per person. We have also set ourselves a target of jointly running the same distance of 780km during the month. Some of the runners based in Gran Alacant met with Kim and Mark to hand over a cheque for 100 euros towards their charity. 

Mark and Kim said:  we would like to say a massive “Thank You ” for all the support we  have received. Your generosity has amounted to 2,575 euros so far!!!

Due to the border restrictions, we have been forced to push our epic journey forwards to the 9th of May. Looking on the bright side, this gives us “More” time to raise “More” money for these poor  Children. 

Preparation for this long distance trip has been a bit grueling at times (for me, Kim) 

We’ve done uphill, long distance, off-road training. We’ve had a few near misses with reckless drivers but I think we are now ready, averaging 25km/h. Take a look at our route below and please show your support.

Mark is a keen cyclist, who was being romantic and bought me a bike for Valentines Day  Little did he know he’d be cycling to GIBRALTAR !!!


You can donate through our 

“Just Giving Page” 


Or call/Whatsapp Kim on 627711155 and I will personally collect your donation.