Hi everyone,
My name is Kevin and I organize the 22k downhill bike ride. I would like to give you further information on how the day is planned and share some of the stunning views on the way.

We cater for up to 6 people, which keeps it quite a personal experience. We have in the past taken 2 groups of 3 people, 3 x 2 people so if you’re a single rider, please contact us anyway in case we have room for one more person. The ride takes place from Monday to Friday. All equipment is supplied, apart from suncream. The ride is suitable for any competent cyclist, although very little fitness is required. Our riders age range has been 9 years to 79 years. We pick you up in Gran Alacant, usually at 10am from your hotel, accommodation and take a 45 minute drive to Agost. We then set of down the via verde, (green way), which is a disused railway line that has been turned into a walkway / cycle path. The first section takes us through the railway tunnels, 5 in total. The first two being approx. half a km long.
After cycling 8 km, we stop, where the catering staff will be waiting with picnic table and chairs. All refreshments are supplied, which includes sandwiches, beer, water, soft drinks, crisps, cakes and fresh fruit. Normally this short break will be around 30 – 45 mins.

The next section takes us through vineyards, olive groves and almond groves, passing oranges,lemons, figs and walnuts on the way.
When the weather is really hot, we have a “pit stop” to replenish any water that is required.

We normally arrive back in GA around 3.00pm, depending on how many stops you have to take photos of the amazing scenery.
The day costs 50€ per person,payable
on the day. See poster for contact details.