The 9th Edition of X Cross Popular Abel Anton 10k race took place on Sunday 2nd of October starting at the Commercial Centre in Gran Alacant. The race is held every year and is named after Abel Anton, the Spanish long distance runner who won gold medals in the marathon in 1997 and 1999 World Athletics Championships. He was also the first Spanish runner to win the London Marathon in 1998. Over 250 runners took part in this year. The race was led away by the For Riders bicycle team. Mohamed Boceha won the race with a time of 33min 25 secs, followed by Miñarro Ayala Luis from Club Atletismo Santa Pola in the 2nd place with 34min 28secs, and Norwegian Haakon Helge Hjemly with 34min 38secs in the 3rd place. Presentation of the prizes and awards was by the Mayoress of Santa Pola Yolanda Seva and Carlos M. Guillena Townley from Zafiro Travel agency. While the runners were on the course, the Gran Alacant Life Dance Academy kept the crowd enthralled



Oldest participant 86 year old Jesus Serna Moya completes the course on a warm Sunday morning, a remarkable feat we are sure you all agree. Well done Jesus! Pictured with Carlos from Zafiro Travel agency






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