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I share what I continue to learn from animals through my work as a volunteer with them at www.satanimalrescue.com and at

This month, I have been reminded of how things can change, moment by moment, day by day , month by month. A lot of new dogs, especially puppies arrive at SAT all the time. Some are homed, some come back from their new homes for various reasons, and some dogs are yet to be rehomed, despite being friendly and attractive.

I ponder on this quite often while walking one of these dogs… How are some dogs chosen and some not? I am reminded how it can sometimes feel to us humans; when we attend an interview for instance, and despite having all the right qualities and qualifications we are not selected, or when we are hoping for a partner, and despite being attractive and worthy we are still alone. We may feel rejection and think ‘”Why not me?” I often wonder how the dogs feel when the families come looking and they are not chosen. Perhaps there is a right time, place and person for everything. I certainly like to think this is true. Maybe read Ecclesiastes 3 (yes I know it’s the Bible but lovely words).

I have also been made aware of my inner energy this month: at a very basic level if my energy is high, i.e. excitable or anxious, the dog I am with seems to pick up on this and respond in a similar way. If I am feeling a little low and nonchalant, the dog often seems to dawdle or come to a complete stop. So the ability to subtlety respond and then change one’s inner energy at the right time becomes a skill worth cultivating. What is often needed is to sensitively raise your energy when a dog or horse becomes idle or refusing to move, and vice versa if it is hyperactive, agitated and or slightly aggressive, to breathe deeply and slowly, and calm your energy to help settle the animal down. We can use this understanding when we are in potential confrontational, dangerous or argumentative situations, and amongst those with raised, excitable and possible aggressive tendencies. If we notice how we feel and respond we can then choose to change our inner energetic balance potentially diffusing a full on confrontational, experience … better I think for a peaceful new world.

Please get in touch with SAT or Easy Horse if you are interested in volunteering in any way.

Jemma x


This month it’s Tommy . Tommy is 5 years old and has spent nearly all his life at SAT. There are far worse places to live but nothing beats a real home. He was found In a rubbish bin at around 4 and half months old.Tommy has been rehomed 3 times, coming back because he was too boisterous and over protective of his potential owners when meeting new people, his last home was October 2016. Tommy can bark loudly at first with new people but when I am in his kennel grooming him he is one of the most loving, gentle and appreciative dogs I know. He needs a very special person who has the time, commitment and love to help him settle.