At FWR EuroCars, our genuine testimonials have reached an enormous 1,000 this month, so we are proudly celebrating ‘A Thousand Smiling Faces’!

Our team at FWR EuroCars, owner Frank, wife Sharon and daughter Francesca, who can help through all the legalities smoothly when buying or selling your car here in Spain and Faye, who when is in Spain assists in our office. Lionel, who has over 5 years experience in car sales and customer service. Matthias, who has been with our team for over 3 years, preparing all our cars to a very high standard.

Our family run business has been trading in Spain for over 15 years due to our genuine and trustworthy reputation. Our clients return to us, when they are looking to upgrade or to simply make an addition, we even have fifth time buyers under the belt. Our customers frequently recommend the FWR team to their family, and friends due to the company’s honesty, integrity and great service, hence a thousand testimonials accompanied by photographs, on our website.

We are proud to say, that over the many years here in Spain, even through the struggles of the economic crisis, our company has continuously made progress to achieve its success, due to the loyalty of our lovely customers, and our team. Over the recent years we have seen some very fun times, when appearing on Channel 5’s ‘Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun’ and also Sky TV, which made sales rocket through the roof!

If you are thinking of purchasing a new car then look no further, at FWR EuroCars we have a wide range of vehicles at realistic prices. All the paperwork and change of ownership is dealt with at FWR giving you peace of mind you deserve when you purchase from us.

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