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Pet-friendly Hospitals

PETS FRIENDLY HUMAN HOSPITALS This month we have some good news: companion pets will be allowed to visit their owners at Torrevieja and Vinalopó (Elche) hospitals. First of all, this is not an animal-assisted therapy; it just consists of people that is being at the hospital, and even chronic patients who usually spend a lot

Four Legged Heroes

Héroes de 4 Patas (Four Legged Heroes) is a non-profit association which wants to provide a decent retirement to working dogs which are no longer on duty, maybe due to age, or maybe because they have to stop working due to an ability loss. The association has created a fostering families network. Héroes de 4

Risks At The Beach

RISKS AT THE BEACH The number of dogs you can see at the beach gets highly increased in summer. In most villages at the Costa there are specific areas where dogs are allowed. Of course, at the rest of beaches and areas, dogs access (no matter which size or breed, or if they walk on

Babies & Pets

Some very common questions when we are expecting a baby are: what can I do with my pet? Will it need some kind of extra treatment? Will it feel jealous of the baby? Most pets are supposed to be under control and well educated, so they won’t need any extra. When we say under control