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Sardinas en Escabeche

Hi everybody. Summer is around the corner and it’s also the best time to enjoy sardines as they are in season. So the recipe for this month is “Sardinas en escabeche” (Pickled sardines). Hope you have a great summer! Ingredients 1 kg sardines 1/2 garlic head 2 bay leaves 10 gr black pepper seed Oregano


Hi all, we are so close to summer! And I shouldn’t really do this recipe as it’s not going to help us to get ready for the summer-body 🙂 This month it’s a typical Asturian recipe and a very popular dish. Hope you enjoy it xxx Let’s Start Tenderize the steak until very thin, stuff

Fabada Asturiana

Hello everyone, Easter is already here, the last month of a long winter so as someone suggested to me we will make our last winter dish “Fabada Asturiana” a famous meat and bean stew. Hope you enjoy it, Mayka xxx Let’s Start First of all, let the beans soak overnight in a bowl of cold