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Devastating Fire at Cuatro Patas!

On 3rd of October, someone set fire to Cuatro Patas’ site. Most of the animals escaped unharmed thanks to the actions of a neighbour who jumped the fence and freed them. Sadly, two of the residents, a rescued pig called Margarita and a kitten they recently took in, were burned alive. Our most sincere thanks

Enjoy a hair free summer!

Enjoy A Hair-Free Summer! With the summer well and truly behind us now is the perfect time to get ready for a hairless free summer 2018! Shaving, tweezing and waxing only provide a short-term solution. Wait a couple of days or weeks and the hair grows back, almost mocking you for your efforts. Not with

Put the Kettle on

The narrow boat suddenly became longer and apparently wider as the Marina Handover Guide and Tutor stepped onto the footpath. Simon was now alone on the deck of the narrowboat. He had been given a comprehensive, if brief guide as to the various controls and features on board and he had been guided through the