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Fight the Winter Blues

Leaves are falling from the trees, and your dog starts covering all seats of your car with his hair, the alarm starts ringing at 6am and there is not even a slightest sign of the sunrise? After your breakfast things start the same way as yesterday, and you know today will be the same as


Today is time to take a look at the HAPPINESS. What is it? Is it something with shape? Can you touch it? The car manufacturer Renault tells us that we have to go ¨beyond limits” and the company uses strong and dedicated people to sell their cars. Why? Because there is a lot of extraordinary

Water Retention

The Reiki Room -Harmonious Healing- Hello readers, welcome to my page, for those who don’t know me let me introduce myself, my name is Jackie Canale and I am a therapist working in Gran Alacant promoting holistic wellbeing wherever I can. With the summer season in full swing I feel it is a good time