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The tremors following the Brexit Vote

The tremors following the Brexit Vote UK Pension Fund deficits jump to the highest level ever recorded The gap between assets and liabilities of UK defined benefit (DB) pension schemes widened still further last month, with deficits reaching the deepest level recorded as long-term bond yields declined further, according to data from the Pension Protection

Brexit vote 23rd June 2016

Brexit vote 23rd June 2016 Much has been put into the public domain by politicians, the press, social media etc on how the “in or out” vote will affect us expats. The truth is that none of us actually know, we can only make assumption on the facts as we know them. The facts are

OP Grand Opening of the new office

Come celebrate with us! Year upon year we have expanded our services to meet our clients demands offering Property Management, Sales and Rentals and now Car Rentals. This growth has meant we needed more space! We have therefore relocated to a large premise next to our old office in the Gran Alacant. We look forward

Investing for Tax efficient income

A question I am constantly asked. I need to supplement my pension/income what are the alternatives to keeping money tied up in a bank account, either offshore or in Spain? Bank deposits are reasonably secure (protected to €100k) however, with interest rates remaining low for some time to come returns are not good. Funds held