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Just in case!

The thin steel blade slipped easily into the minute gap between the window and its frame. The blade was not made for cutting, but for this express purpose, a special tool, for a special job. The tight fitting leather gloves he wore, protecting his hands against the possibility of accidental encounters from unseen sharp objects.

Drama in a Teacup – Don’t just wave

Don’t just wave by Terry Lacey “Don’t just wave; get out of the way”, the pilot shouted. It would not have been heard by the occupant of the other sailplane as is came towards him at a hundred miles an hour. The pilot could see her smiling and waving as though she had not a

Who is Who in GASP?

Who is Who in GASP? David Ashley. Born in Blackpool in 1942, David began working in amateur theatre in 1964 and spent 40 years with Oldbury Rep, Birmingham. Began directing musicals in 1997 for Abingdon Operatic Society and Bourneville Musical Theatre in Birmingham. Has directed and/or appeared in every GASP production to date. David finds